Characteristics of a Healthy Diet

Characteristics of a Healthy Diet

Characteristics of a Healthy Diet – There has been much talk about the need for all people to eat healthy well balanced meals all the time. The price to pay for continued situs slot pulsa 10 ribu tanpa potongan refusal to change one’s diet to a healthier one is enormous, those paying it will attest to this fact.

Healthy Eating -

For those who have the opportunity to change for a better health outcome in the near future I say “a word to the wise is enough”. Let us choose right.

Characteristics of a Healthy Diet

1.It provides all six food nutrients in the right amounts

A healthy plate is one that will deliver all six nutrients to the consumer slot deposit pulsa in the right proportion. If you eat complete meals like “kenkey, pepper and fish”, “banku, okro soup and meat”, “boiled rice, vegetable stew and fish”, etc; you will get all six food nutrients. Anytime you eat, make sure it is something that will give you all six nutrients namely – carbohydrates, proteins, fats and oils, vitamins, minerals and water.

2.Should be made by combining lots of ingredients

The best way to ensure that you get all six food nutrients from the food you eat is to make those foods by combining lots of food ingredients. If you can go to the market and buy ingredients such as okro, pepper, tomato, onions, corn dough, cassava dough, meat, fish, ginger, garlic, etc; then you can make a healthy meal. What is left then is for you to combine these ingredients well. You will then get all the six nutrients after eating the food you prepare. It is therefore bad to take foods like soft drinks, only fruits, etc as your main meals. Eat complete meals.

3.Should be home-made

It is practically impossible to depend on vendored food and eat healthy. If you make your own meals, you have the chance to make it healthy. Try eating only your own home-made food. It is a better choice.

4.Should contain very little salt

Reduce the amount of salt you add to food at table. And also stop adding salt to food at table. Stop cooking with artificial cubes. They only steal the health away from you meal.

5.Should contain very little oil

Reduce the amount of oil in your stews. Cut down on the frequency at which slot depo pulsa tanpa potongan you consume oily stews and soups.

6.Should be made with less frying

Fried foods are not healthy foods. Though they taste nice and acceptable to many people, frying only increases your chances of making food that can cause heart disease. Boil, roast, grill, microwave rather than fry your foods.

7.Should contain enough fibre

Include enough fibre in your food. The roughage from vegetables forms the best source of fibre so include more and more vegetables in your plate. Fruits do give loads of fibre too but the more you eat, the more sugar you take in so just be careful. Eat whole grain cereals like brown rice for the fibre in them